In terms of avoiding unhealthy habits, we tend to think of ways to mitigate things like smoking, drinking, and eating junk food.

But what if there was something just as bad that we are neglecting!

What if there was a silent killer that lurked under our radars unnoticed, robbing our health, performance, and even happiness at the expense of our most mundane actions?

Could avoiding movement be what is actually holding us back from being our healthiest self?

The Move it or lose It book will help us thrive with easy- to- implement posture and movement activities.

How will the Move it or Lose It

Book Help Me?

What's inside the book?

Section 1:

Life is Movement.

Movement is Life

The first section of the book discusses about why movement and posture is so important.

Section 2:

Preparation and Mindset

The second section is really about where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there.

Section 3:

Taking Action and

Getting Results

The third part which most people actually think is the most difficult part, is the easiest part which is the doing, what are the movements, what are the routines, what do I need to do on a regular basis.

What are these thought leaders

saying about the book..

"In a world that seems to be growing sicker and living less as we disconnect from each other and our environment, Scott has come through with some practical advice that will literally change your life. Personally, I spend a lot of time and resources in an attempt to keep my health and body at their peak levels and am pleased that this book will reach more people."

Shawn Dill

Author of the Amazon bestseller None of Your Business

"I train very hard with very heavy weights. I also sit long hours at a computer for my career. What Scott has done for my body over the years has been invaluable to my sporting successes and to my ability to be productive at work. This book and the program Scott teaches are powerful tools for anyone looking to function at their optimum and play at a higher level, in sports and at work."

John Gabriel

World record holder powerlifter, President of the Australian Powerlifting, League and accountant

"In today's world I see many people complicating what it takes to experience a healthy body and a clear mind. The plethora of books, diets, and latest trends create a carousel of confusion for many and this book is the antithesis... The truth about anything in nature is invariably simple. Yet we as humans seem to enjoy

over complicating life. If I could sum this book up the message would be move your body functionally and often, rest your body frequently and effectively, put natural things in your body, and get the best out of your body. Great information, fun to read and only as complex as the truth requires."

Dr. Dan Hanson

Dentist, Buteyko Institute practitioner and SleepYstrip inventor

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Meet Doctor Scott Vatcher

Canadian-born Scott is a serial entrepreneur, well travelled international speaker and author, chiropractor and part-time podcaster. He is married to his wife Maia and they have a daughter, Aurora.

In his spare time, Scott likes keeping fit himself through mountain biking, trail running and interval training. He has competed in numerous CrossFit competitions and triathlons.

Dr Vatcher currently still runs a very successful practice in the Gold Coast of Australia. His clients have included Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil, country music star Adam Brand, actor and former European soccer star Vinnie Jones, and the Adelaide Crows AFL team.

Dr Scott Vatcher's main focus now is to leverage his experience as a certified posture coach to empower his patients to improve themselves physically, mentally and even socially using the why, how and what of creating ideal posture patterns with his newly released amazon best seller book "Move it or lose it" and the courses and programs derived from it.

Dr Vatcher has also created the Co-authorised program to help fellow wellness practitioners to grow their authority white-labelling their own book based on the “Move it or lose it" principle.